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Superfood Chocolate Bars

My friend Jody came by last night and showed me how to make homemade chocolate and now I’m obsessed! Using antioxident and mineral rich cacao and maca powders are the key. Jody was moving pretty fast and there was not a lot of measuring, but the results were AMAZING! Using high quality, organic, nutrient-rich superfoods, herbs and spices elevate this “treat” into an evolved guilt-free superfood. You’re welcome.


2 cups chunks of cacao butter
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 tablespoon vanilla
1/4 cup maple syrup (adjust for taste/preference)
1 cup organic raw cacao powder
1 cup superfood herbs – this is where you can get creative. We used approximately the following measurements: 2 tablespoons each of maca, cinnamon, lucuma, mucuna (just a tablespoon), shiitake mushroom powder [makes it creamy], rice bran with tocotrienlos [not “paleo” but this is Jody’s recipe and he says it has lots of Vitamin E; it does not have the carbohydrate part of rice] and mesquite powders.*
Pinch of sea salt
Dash of cayenne pepper (optional but adds a great spicy kick)
Dash of cardamom
Dash of nutmeg

Whisk together the dry ingredients together in a large glass bowl, reserving some to add later if needed for consistency. Gently melt cacao butter and coconut oil over a double boiler (or in a bowl over simmering water). Once liquified, stir the vanilla and maple syrup into the oils.

You will need some kind of molds. Silicone molds are the best, but any plastic will work also, such as empty yogurt or cream cheese containers (wipe with a paper towel in coconut oil to make it non stick).

Add the oil to the powder and whisk together. You won’t have much time before the chocolate cools.

Adding the oil to the powder
Adding the oil to the powder

Whisk until the consistency is smooth and creamy, like a thicker cake batter, not grainy, for a few minutes. If it is too thin, add powder that you reserved until it thickens up.

You want it to look like this
You want it to look like this

Spoon the mixture into your silicone molds, not very high. I’d say chocolate bar height . . .  hahaha

Chocolate poured into molds
Chocolate poured into molds

Refrigerate for about an hour, then pop them out of the molds and store in the fridge in an airtight container until you eat them up.


*Variations: I would say if you just used the items in bold you would be just fine if you don’t plan on investing in all these other powders. Or invest in them and add them to your morning smoothies. Or you can add macadamia nut chunks! Goji berries! Dried cherries! Just make the ratio 1 cup cacao powder to 1 cup “other.” Imagine your favorite artisan chocolate bar that you pay up to $7 for and make it yourself, only better, fresher, more immediately and without the packaging. That is the kind of empowerment we offer here at Evolving Dish. : )


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